Monday, November 24, 2014

Ken always loves to surprise me... so he showed up at one of my classes dressed as Astro Boy! He made the costume all by himself out of long Johns that he dyed pink and the boots were spray painted get the picture. My students and I were flabbergasted by the spectacle!!!

Ken also decided to wear the costume on the night he showed up on Desert Bus for Hope. He helped raise over $30,000  Lots of cool artwork and stuff was auctioned in the three hours he was there. At the end of the week marathon... the group raised well over $600,00!!! 

Here's Alex our son (or should I say Alice!) driving the bus after his eight hour shift. His friends were trying to make him crash the bus but he held on till the very end. His shift raised about $40,000!  - Way to go Alex.

Here's a Caricartoon I did for the auction as well. There's a lot of sparkly gold details that didn't show up in my scan but you get the idea. I enjoyed adding extra details to this one. 

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