Friday, June 24, 2016

Just a few pics of the drawing room at Camosun Comic Art Festival.

I'm still here but have been neglect in my postings, I admire anyone who can keep any consistent blogs. I had to take a long brake from posting pages, it's not easy to keep up the pace. 
In the last few months we finished off our 4th year of teaching the Comics program at Camosun. What a blast that was, every year I'm amazed at the calibre of students work! We put on our 4th Camosun Comic Arts Festival to showcase the students work and mix them up with professional  comic artist . After that, Ken and I went to the Calgary year ever! We also did a mini con in Naniamo, then Ken went to TCAF and I went toVanCAF - a busy time for us both. But... I did manage to do 7 more pages and will resume posting at a slower pace, 2 pages every other week, starting July 1st. I hope you're still with me and I'll try and post a few things, occasionally. I'm currently in summer mode now and in Ontario enjoying the heat! Have a great summer!!!  :^)