Monday, October 13, 2014

This is the final one of the kitchen that I referenced in a lot of my pages, in both of my books. Although this kitchen has changed a bit, it still has the same cupboards I remember as a kid... where we had so many wonderful Thanks Giving dinners.  :^) 

My brothers Ed's work shop, he loves to tinker and resore old trucks. He kind of reminds me of my dad.

There use to be a tree fort  on these branches and the rope ladder was swallowed up over time. This tree the biggest on on the property, a classic Canadian maple.

Here's the house and my brother's truck. The trees have always been there as long as I can remember.

This tire is one of the few remnants of the scrap yard, I should have stood beside it for scale. It's big.

Here's the lane way leading up to the house I grew up in... it's hard to believe this front yard was a junk yard! or some people use to call it a scrap metal yard. My dad "Junky Jack" as he was known, preferred the later. It's amazing how nature took over, the trees on the right side were not there, only old scrap cars mixed in with other assorted Junk. A great playground when I was growing up! 

I may have posted this before with out word balloons, it's my version of the classic Norman Rockwell  turkey dinner.  I 'm just going to get a little nostalgic and point out a few things in the details of this image. The pots and pans in the background were always the cast iron kind that turned black with age but they just got better as they aged. The square one had a special purpose, the oblong portion was  used for bacon and the two other squares for eggs. I don't think they make them anymore and I don't know what happened to that one. The wooden pig cutting board next to the pan, I do have, it's a special thing I remember my mom using as I was growing up. I also managed to find my dads musical saw and bow and Alex has his grandfathers welding goggles. There're just a few more things on the side table like the ice cube rolling pin and the cone colander used for making apple sauce. 
My brother lives in the house we grew up in and I've been going back every summer as long as I've lived out west. I'll attach a few pics I took last summer.