Tuesday, June 11, 2013


 Ken and I are now in Toronto till the end of the month. We've  rented a  small place, and it's kind of  like being students again, going to the laundromat, having to wash dishes - no dishwasher!! It's not so bad, I'm kinda liking the novelty - for now!  It's good to not take what we have back home for granted - we don't have a car here so I do a lot of walking and ride buses, streetcars and the subway, so it's always interesting to people-watch.

The neighborhood we're in has a Portuguese bakery that we frequent, Ken especially likes to go and mingle with the locals but I think the woman that works there thought he was a bit strange when he asked if they make sandwiches... she said "of course we make sandwiches, you just have to ask!" after all, the buns, cold cuts and cheeses were all in plane view...duh? When Ken told me this, I had to laugh! I know he was just trying to make conversation - awkward... but he's so sweet.

Anyway, I'm trying to finish off my book while I'm here but it's going slowly, lots to distract me! We also rented a short term studio space because only one us can work at the apartment at a time. The space is called RAID and there are about ten full time comic artists and graphic novelists, as well as a few that drop in like us, when in town. Ken likes the area because it's close to little Italy - a foodie paradise!