Thursday, January 16, 2014

In this sequence we're just about to leave Toronto for British Columbia. Books had become a big part of my development at that time in my life, and I followed my interests in all that I read,  McLuhan was at the top of the list and still is. Being exposed to many influential writers and artists was so valuable to my growth as a creative person, and was an education in itself - but more than ever I wanted a university education. That will be part of my next chapter in book three.
These are the last two pages of this book, although I still have a few more to finish off and once those are done, I'll edit the text in the word balloons... then I'm done, Done, DONE!!! and off to the printer... Why does everything take longer than you think? Deadlines are good but if they compromise your work, then they're not so good - I'm so glad I don't have a crushing deadline. I'm a bit of a turtle but that's the way I work, little by little. My desire to finish has served me well, and the extra time it took me to do this book helped me gather my thoughts and try to make sense of what I want to say. I can only hope it comes out all write! ;^)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Rubik's cubes were big in the 80's so I thought these two pages were an appropriate way to wind down my second book. We left Toronto in 1987 with all our possessions that fit into a small u-pack container. Wow, that was 27 years ago!!!
Looking back at 2013, Ken and I  had a very successful year at Camosun College. We launched our Comics and Graphic novel certificate program in 2012 and our first cohort of students graduated in the spring of 2013, and what a great bunch they were! A fine new bunch started last September, and Ken and I are enjoying the teaching experience and learning a lot as we go along, I'm managing my fight or flight instinct, which is challenging at times - but I think my students are forgiving in that regard because most of them are a little nervous about speaking up in class themselves. I've learned that the only way you conquer anything is to jump right in, even if you stumble a bit...  All in all I'm really enjoying the students for who they are and what they are capable of - it's a joy to see their progress.

So... HAPPY NEW YEAR to all - in 2014