Sunday, May 15, 2011

Winding down from TCAF!

Well, TCAF is over, and I've just found some time to blog. This festival was a first for me and a really great one at that! I've been to a lot of mainstream comic-cons over the years with Ken, but this one was different - he was MY booth bunny this time.

TCAF had no wild super-hero costumes, just people interested in stories about extraordinarily ordinary people, drawn in a style unique to each artist. I really like the fact that TCAF was held in the Toronto Reference Library, which means comics are finally being recognized as a viable medium to communicate ideas - the marrying of words and pictures is not just for kids!!!

I'll be slowing down on posting, but I will commit to once a week, until I finish the second in the series of my graphic novels, which will take a while. But next up is the picture book I did as a tribute to my dad's life which I presented to him on his 100th birthday - hope you'll enjoy it too!

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  1. Hi Joan
    I enjoyed meeting you at TCAF, and I am so glad I bought your book, because I just love it. Looking forward to the next volume.