Friday, April 1, 2011

Ken was a social butterfly, always making plans without bothering to consult me. I was very reticent and lacked the confidence to meet intellectuals... let alone have a conversation with one!


  1. Hi Joanie! This is my new addiction!
    Even though I had only met Eric once or twice I immediately recognized him! And your previous drawing of Dean and Cathy were so perfect - made me nostalgic, in a good way! (also I never knew Ken with long hair)
    This is really a wonderful project - wish I could do the same - maybe when you are done...... Linda
    PS. ... and all this time I thought Alice was just shy, but very talented!

  2. Linda, it's a pleasure to feed your addiction!


  3. Hey, I finally got to post something, guess it should be intelligent!! Just think now you are the social butterfly with so much to say. You are the greatest. Love following your blog.