Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The last two weeks have been exciting, interesting, exhausting and fun! I’ll try and keep this as brief as I can - ha! Now that I have some time to reflect… I'm at my brothers place in the country with no internet (not a bad thing). I walked three miles to town to get it, or sometimes I hitch a lift, so I won't be posting to often.
First day at TCAF The Toronto Comic Art Convention. Ken and I started with educators day the Friday before the con. The whole day was organized with panels and talks on a wide range of subjects for librarians and educators. Raina Telgemeier (Smile) Scott Chandler ( Two Generals), Gord Hall (War On The Coast), James Daidge ( Utopia) and more, it was hard to keep up... 
There were also lots of publishers showing graphic novels, so many more now then when I first made an appearance at TCAF in 2011. The two publishers that stood out for me were First Second from New York and Manga Classics. The enthusiasm of the publisher of First second was exciting when he talked about the reneasance  that is happening  now in graphic novels being published. Scott McLoud's novel on Visual Literacy will be out soon - can’t wait! Also a new line of Science Comics and Maker Comics. The other publication I found inspiring was They’re  publishing a whole line of classics, from Shakespeare to Poe but the kicker is the artwork style is Manga, these are not adaptations, they’re the original text and young people are eating them up! The form has changed but not the content. A lot of the classics in literature are being transformed and published at a fast pace, kid’s no longer bulk at reading them anymore. Teachers who grasp this new form will have an easier job trying to get kids into reading the classics. That is, the teachers who are progressive...

That was Friday, Educators Day, it was very well organized by TCAF. Later I’ll fill you in on Sat. and Sun.

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