Thursday, May 2, 2019

I've been looking through some old photos and found this, I used as reference for a page in my graphic novel. The page is below. When I was growing up in my dad's junkyard we had some interesting junk to play around in... This was a Shell gas station sign from back in the 60's.  I might have been about ten when this photo was taken. That's me with the pole, our junkyard dog, my sister Beryl standing on the shell with my friend Kathy, who I'm still friends with. The pond or rather swamp was lots of fun in the summer and in the winter became our skating rink, near the front of our house. The pond has since dried up.

I made the Shell sign more visible in my drawing as you can see, with my brother and
sister playing. The house I grew up in is in the background and my brother still lives there. I visit every summer and winter. That's my nostalgia trip for today!

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