Tuesday, October 29, 2013

This sequence is a continuation of the pages I already posted, were we had a huge garage sale before moving to the west coast. The thought of moving to Victoria was becoming a reality "the land of the newly wed and nearly dead!" I was a bit nervous about such a big move but that was tempered by the excitement of owning a home, half a block from Gonzales beach - the Pacific Ocean!!! The real estate market was depressed out their at the time, which enabled us to purchase our first house. We had to sell most of what we had, to make the move easier and cheaper. There were a few things from Kens' toy collection he couldn't part with, like this Japanese robot toy called Mighty Mazinger - thirty years later... we still have it!


  1. Yay - finally get to see Victoria show up! Looking forward to the rest. Thanks again for posting these.

  2. Hi Glen, Thank you for hanging in there, the second chapter is almost finished!