Monday, May 13, 2013

The pages below below are some of last in my book, where we're getting ready to move to Victoria in 1987. At that time the Punk scene in Toronto was being paved over by the new music of the time , brake dancing was big and so was the boom-boxes that delivered the new sound, Rap was emerging and was the new kid on the block! Alex and Raymond were five and two at this time and we had lost interest in the new music scene and started to sell a lot of our records - portable caset tapes were becoming popular with the young people. We were thirty two and feeling our age, so, what did we do? We moved to Victoria "the newly wed and nearly dead!"

This is the last sequence I'll be posting for a while. I still have about five pages to do before I finnish off my book. I was hoping to get them done before we left for Ontario but that didn't happen :^( so now I'm on the road  till August. TCAF was the first convention we did - it was amazing!!! There were 400 artist there this year . I'll try and post some photos during my trip... if I can only figure out how to on my I pad! 

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