Friday, February 15, 2013

I'm taking a different approach in how I finish the pages of my second book.  I have about twenty pages in various stages of completion, so I'll be posting more as I finish them. 
This page is when we went to San Diego Comic Con, back then I had no interest in comic conventions. I was more interested in venturing out of the comic con I did not feel a part of, so I went for a walk. I wanted to educate myself in books I thought were important and challenging to me, so I picked up a copy of Plato The Republic. I didn't have an understanding of the beginnings of western culture but I was curious to find out more. Anyway I bumbled along and thought it was interesting to read, even though I didn't understand it fully. The cowboy in this sequence was posing as a wax figure, I thought he looked so real and I had never seen anything like it before, so, I decided to touch it. The joke was on me - a bit of American western culture. Ha Ha Ha!!!

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