Friday, September 28, 2012

Back in the late 70's we took a trip to New York; I had never been there before, and I decided to do drawings of our trip rather than photos, 'cause I'm a bit camera shy! 

The upper left drawing is us standing around waiting to get in for a tour at the Marvel Comics office. Tom Orzechowski (he's one of the greatest letterers ever!) and Dean Motter were there with us. 2nd picture wis of Times Square, the 3rd pic is us at a great restaurant in NYC, in pic 4 we went to see the play A Day In Hollywood a Night in the Ukraine. Pic 5, we couldn't afford much so we stayed in the Iroquois, a scary cheap hotel; in it's day it was a great place but by the 70's it was totally creepy!. Pic 6 is us at the Metropolitan Museum, pic 7 the  World Trade Centre (!) Pic 8  window shopping at Bloomingdale's, and Pic 9 the scary subway!

Although these drawings weren't comic strips, they did have a certain narrative that I enjoyed doing, but didn't take them seriously at the time!

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