Monday, August 6, 2012

My career started to take off after I got the teaching job and realized my own ability to sculpt - ironically I didn't study sculpting in art college. I was inspired by the 3D caricatures of a British show called Spitting Image, an outrageously funny satire of politicians and Royalty. Three dimensional illustration became popular in the eighties so I took my work around to art directors and managed to get some freelance work. 
I was happy to be doing illustration in my own style, and in a medium that I felt comfortable with. Ken loved to take pictures so he became my official photographer. 


  1. Above all picture describe very interesting story, I’m interested to start freelance photography, have you any suggestions to start?

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  3. Hi Jackem,
    Thanks for your comment!
    Ken took those photos back in the eighties, now a lot of art directors use stock photos these days - the internet has changed everything. You may want to check out art photography at galleries in any major city. There's some amazing work out there if you're interested and who knows, maybe I'll see your work in a gallery some day!!

    Good luck.
    Cheers - Joan :^)

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