Friday, December 9, 2011

Here's the first two pages from Aurora Borealice, book 2 - I'll be posting something every Friday till the book is done! Please feel free to ask any questions regarding artwork or content. I'm going to show the artwork in progress, and not necessarily in any order. The dialogue (word balloons) still needs some work, so they'll be added when I finish all the images. So for now, I'm going to add captions like I did for my first book.  
This book starts off where the first one ended, new year's day 1981. Ken and I were both 26, living in the Beaches area in Toronto. Art school was now behind us, but the rest of my education was still ahead of me...


  1. Hi Joan,
    I'm interested in hearing anything you want to divulge about your working process. It looks like you do the lettering on computer, but do you scan in pencil drawings and do the finished artwork in Photoshop, or do you actually work with messy ink washes and scan in the finished artwork?

  2. Hi, Vaughn!
    Thanx for the comment - and you're right, I pencil, ink, and tone the originals on good quality Strathmore watercolour paper, then scan them and add the word balloons in InDesign. My clever son Alex created a font for me, based on my handwriting! :^)