Friday, November 4, 2011

 Here are some photos I used as reference for my book. This was the view of the scrap yard from our living room window, taken by my sister Barb sometime in the early 70's with my dad and sister Beryl in the foreground. That's me in the background with my brother Ed and our dog!
Here's a wider angle view of the front yard - directly behind the big building was an ice rink. It took us hours to clear the snow, but it was worth it to have our very own little Maple Leaf gardens!

The scrap piled higher and higher, and every few years my dad would hire a crane to stack the cars on a flatbed truck to be hauled away to Hamilton and recycled. This was my playground growing up!!! 

This is the only good picture I have of my dads boom-truck, unfortunately you can't see the back part. In my book I did show the whole thing.


  1. Joan! I'm in awe of your work. Oh my! Could you send me an email? I would love to take drawing lessons from you. Sara

  2. Those photos look very nostalgic. They really are good reference, especially those trucks. You can simply get an idea how the industrial technology has evolved over the past decades. And to think that those stack of cars had been in your playground is amazing!

    Jonathan Carroll @ Bucket Trucks